Dr. Christina Anderson

Position: Consultant
Specialties: Osteopath

Meet Christina.  Christina is an osteopathic practitioner from Ontario, Canada who has been treating patients since graduating in 2017.  She is very passionate about healing and emphasizes finding the underlying issue to a  patient’s pain or discomfort.

Christina’s journey in osteopathy started after she completed her bachelor of science at Laurier University. Her passion for the human body stemmed from her athletic history which encouraged her to understand injury and the body’s innate capability to heal itself. Once she realized the capability the body has to heal itself. After University, she knew she was going to pursue a career that focused on healing. After shadowing chiropractors and Physiotherapists, she knew there was something missing. She strongly believed in hands on therapy that was wholistic and alternative to western medicine. At this point she had never heard of osteopathy, it wasn’t until one of her family members had been successfully treated by an osteopath that she found her true calling. Christina continued her education and got her diploma of osteopathic manual practice from National Academy of Osteopathy and her Doctor of Osteopathy from National University of Medical Sciences.

Christina continues to expand her knowledge with further evidence-based courses in manual therapy. She is currently specializing in visceral therapy.

Christina strives to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through sport and activity. Some of her hobbies include soccer, volleyball, spikeball, hiking, swimming, squash, pilates and snowboarding. 

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