Dr. Gaurav Singra

Position: Consultant
Specialties: Bioflex Laser Therapist, General Practitioner, Osteopath, Pain Specialist

Dr. Gaurav helped create Novumax Hospital with the dream of building patient-centered, cost-effective healthcare solutions with a dedicated team of skilled practitioners, delivering quality patient care, with modern amenities. Dr. Gaurav received his MBBS from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) India, his Diploma in Osteopathy from Canada. He did his Masters in Public Health from the UK and Doctor of Osteopathy from Europe. Dr. Gaurav is a very successful Osteopath and a professional laser therapist. He has spent over 8 years working in multi-disciplinary settings and has extensive international experience developing successful inter-professional team-based models of care.

Dr. Gaurav always wanted to work in healthcare as it is his passion to provide care and help the community in all possible ways. He believes that the combination of his academic and professional experiences has provided him with the organizational, interpersonal, and analytical skills that would certainly enable him to make a significant contribution to his organization. My community would benefit from my interest in a multitude of subjects, my healthcare skills, experience, education, my attention to detail, and my compassion.

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