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Patient Policy

Novumax Hospital is no longer accepting new patients.  If you are interested in being added to our wait list, please read through our clinic policies and visit the patient resources section of our website to be added.

Clinic Policies


On your first visit to Novumax Hospital we ask that you fill out an intake form.  We use your demographic information for internal purposes only.  If you choose to provide us with an email we can send you our monthly newsletter and keep you informed of all the exciting things happening at Novumax Hospital.  None of your information is ever shared with any third party.


Patients are seen by appointment, including walk-in medical visits. Walk-in appointments are booked same day only and an appointment must be booked with a doctor prior to your visit.  Appointments can be made via email or telephone. If you schedule an appointment, the scheduled time is reserved specifically for you and notice to cancel an appointment must be given 24 hours in advance of the appointment day/time. Failure to do so will result in a no show or cancellation fee. For appointments booked same day; once an appointment is booked it is subject to the cancellation fee after the booking has been confirmed. We request that you honor your appointment time and if you are going to be running late, call to inform us and we will make every effort to accommodate.  If it is your first time and you did not fill out the intake forms online we request that you arrive a few minutes early to do so.


We take the confidentiality of our patients’ health information extremely seriously. Unless required by law, we will not release any details regarding your health without your prior consent.


Email should be used to schedule appointments or to communicate with the office for administrative issues only.  Any medical or clinical concerns should be addressed in person with your practitioner directly unless the practitioner has advised differently.  Please be aware that email is not considered secure and Novumax Hospital cannot be held responsible if there is any security breach or lost information during correspondence with our offices.


Under provincial regulations, you are required to present a valid OHIP health card at each visit.

In order to reduce health care fraud, no photocopies of health cards or written numbers can be accepted. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on previously documented health card numbers on your chart, since health cards expire or become invalid for multiple reasons.

You need to renew your green OHIP health card if any of the following criteria are true :

  • your old card has expired.
  • you have moved since receiving your current card.
  • your old card has been reported lost or stolen.
  • your card is damaged or the magnetic stripe is unreadable.

Please note that the red and white OHIP cards, which previously did not have an expiry date, are now also being called in for replacement under the Ministry of Health’s expanded health card validation program. If you have a red and white OHIP card, and have received notice to seek a replacement card, you must do so before the indicated date, as your previous red and white OHIP card will no longer be valid.

If your current health card is not presented, is expired, or invalid, you will be billed directly and provided a receipt.  If a card is invalid at the time of your visit, it will constitute as a missed appointment resulting in a no show fee of $45 . You may still keep your appointment by paying $90 (uninsured OHIP fee) prior to your appointment.  In order to receive a refund for services rendered, you must return to the clinic within 1 month of your visit with a valid and renewed health card. Please note that you must return with the original receipt and proof of payment in order to receive your refund. No exceptions will be made without your proof of payment.

Residents of other provinces (except Quebec)  can be seen if they present a valid health card from the province of issue at the time of their visit. Without the physical card, a $90 fee will be charged.
If you are not covered under any Canadian Healthcare, you must pay a $90 fee for all medical visits. Official receipts are provided for insurance purposes. Please note that we are NOT a UHIP covered clinic.

Most test results will arrive to our office within 7-14 business days after being performed.  They arrive directly to the physician who ordered them.  Patients will receive a  phone call if the results are in and the ordering physician would like to discuss with  them.  If you do not hear from our office; in most cases that means the doctor does not require a follow up appointment.  If you would like a copy of your results or would like to discuss them please feel free to schedule an appointment with the ordering physician or contact our office for more information.
Due to privacy reasons test results are never given over the phone.


If you are a family practice patient and have run out of your medication and require an urgent refill, please contact the pharmacy and ask them to send us a prescription refill request.  If your doctor is comfortable with your request, our office will fax it back to them for you to collect.  Please be aware that in most cases the doctor’s will not fill prescription refill requests for walk-in patient’s and you will have to schedule an appointment to have this filled.


Some of our medical services (notes, forms, travel consult’s, employment physicals, TB tests etc) and all of our non-medical services (Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Osteopathy etc)  are not covered by OHIP. Most workplace insurance plans will cover these services.  At the time of your appointment you will be billed directly for each visit and provided with an official receipt with all the information needed to claim reimbursement from your insurer.  We do not bill directly to insurance companies and will not be able to do so.

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